About Us

Welcome To L&F

L&F came about because of the need in the market for a Digital Marketing Agency which would get real results for clients. 

Who Are We

Brisbane based full service Digital Marketing Agency

Our Mission

Get more customers for our clients. Provide exceptional value.

What We Do

All things related to online marketing. This includes website creation and support, SEO, Facebook and Google ads, and Social Media marketing.

Our History

L&F started back in 2016. The founder, John Lagoudakis, was shocked after hearing horror stories from friends and acquaintances about SEO companies that were charging thousands of dollars every month, and not delivering any results. Just false hopes and frustration.

So, what better way to fix this problem than by changing the market’s expectations? That’s how L&F was born.

Why Choose Us?

We identify where your target market is, and the best advertising strategies to turn traffic into leads and sales.
Australian-owned and North Lakes based. We understand your market.

While we do specialise in Google Ads, we also provide all your other online marketing needs, such as websites, SEO, Facebook Ads, email marketing, and Social Media marketing. We do it all, and we do it exceptionally well.

We respond to our client’s requests fast. Don’t wait weeks or months to have your tasks completed.
We believe in taking care of our clients and providing the best service possible… so we don’t lock you into any contracts!